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At JVPR we offer a wide range of services that help to build brand awareness, create impactful campaigns and drive sales and revenue for our clients.

The services we offer include:

  • Strategic Planning for Launches, Refurbishments, Brand Repositioning and Brand Elevation 

  •  International Media Relations 

  •  Brand ambassador programme

  • Celebrity & Influencer Engagement and Endorsement 

  • Event Management 

  • Media Planning 

  • Crisis Management  

  • Copy Writing

  • Content Creation 

  • Destination PR 


Brand Partnerships and Collaborations 

We match and partner exciting brands and prominent individuals within the luxury travel and lifestyle sector. Our goal is to create new ideas for original products for our clients that are truly exciting and appealing to a wide, yet relevant target audience.


With clever and well thought out partnerships, JVPR is able to create a heightened awareness of our clients through prestigious and intelligent alliances, ensuring the products or services are placed in front of both a new and existing target audience. 

A Selection of Brands We've Worked With