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What People Say About Us

Anchor Testimonials

A Selection of Clients

Izak Senbahar

Owner - The Mark Hotel, New York

“Jo Vickers is one of the rare “go-getters” in the world of luxury travel and lifestyle PR!"

Richard Bailey

CEO & Chairman - The Brando Private Island, French Polynesia

“Jo Vickers and her team succeed in opening the doors of luxury media editors, thanks to her excellent contacts. Her networking is efficient and highly personal and her innovative thinking delivers outstanding results."

Steven Collins

Owner - The Collins Collection

"Jo Vickers and her team have been instrumental in the launch of Henry’s Townhouse and the wider Collins Collection. As we opened amidst a pandemic, they have shown true dedication, an innate understanding of the marketplace and are dynamic and incredibly proactive in their approach. We look forward to building the Henry’s Townhouse brand together."

Innegrit Volkhardt

Owner - 
Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich

“Jo Vickers and her company JV Public Relations have provided us with the best access to luxury media editors thanks to her excellent contacts. Her networking is efficient, focused, highly personal and individually targeted to suit her clients' needs."

Mariella Avino

Owner - Palazzo Avino, Ravello

"Jo Vickers and her team are not just a PR company. They are "The" PR Company. A combination of excellent knowledge, contacts and great professionalism, they have been my PR company of choice for for the last 14 years"

Sahir Erozan

Owner - Macakizi, Bodrum

“JVPR are extremely creative with their bespoke media relations campaigns, thus consistently generating extensive and effective PR  for Macakizi, we love working with them"

Jason Callender

Managing Director - Albany, Bahamas

"Due to the fact that we are not a traditional hotel, finding the right fit for our Luxury Resort Community was crucial… and with Jo Vickers and her team we were able to do just that. With her zeal for perfection, and endless energy for making all the right connections, Jo Vickers has been able to assist ALBANY with our public relations needs and to get the word out to those that are most suited to our style of sophisticated yet 'resort casual' elegance. And most of all, she truly practices what she preaches…"

Magno Cristiani

Sole Director - Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness
Medical Retreat 

"Hats off to JVPR for their outstanding services and invaluable contribution to our hotel and wellness resort , Palazzo Fiuggi. Since our partnership began, their dedication and expertise have made a significant impact on our brand's awareness and reputation. 

Jo Vickers and her Team have consistently demonstrated their ability to execute innovative PR strategies. Their deep understanding of our industry landscape and target audience has allowed them to deliver results in line with our targets. Through their proactive approach , they have secured notable and impactful media contacts and outstanding results for us and increased our brand's visibility across various platforms.”

Craig Reid

CEO - Auberge Resorts Collection

“Jo and her team are fabulous to work with. They have rich connections, and are both dynamic and highly responsive. They have been fabulous partners in our journey of growth. "

Ori Kafri

Founder and Creator - J.K. Place

"Jo Vickers and her team have been instrumental in building the J.K. Place brand and opening J.K. Place Roma and J.K. Place Paris. We really enjoy working with them and I couldn't think of a better agency to represent our brand."

Charles Vere Nicoll

Owner - Hotel Le Toiny, St. Barth's

“Jo Vickers has done a wonderful job for us at Hotel Le Toiny (and previously Hotel St Barth Isle de France) targeting precisely the right media outlets for our highly discerning clientele. She continues to have an important impact on our business."

The Scio Family

  Hotel II Pellicano, La Posta Vecchia, Mezzatorre, Italy

"JV Public relations consistently surprised and excited me with their creative and innovative approaches. They always get results."

Peter Shaindlin

CEO - Halekulani Corporation, Hawaii

"I have used the finest agencies in the world for more than twenty years—Jo Vickers is the best of the best. She has the pedigree, sophistication, experience & creative vision required to transform expressively into vital and relevant individual renaissances. She doesn’t just practice public relations, she reinvented it. This agency observes, creates and executes, with speed, unbridled enthusiasm and deadly accuracy."

Jean-Luc Naret

Former Director - Guides Michelin

"Jo Vickers and her team have been real STARS for our Michelin Guides!"
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