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What the media say about us...

Albert Read, Managing Director

Condé Nast Publications

JV Public Relations work closely with all of the Conde Nast editors and are one of the slickest operators in the business.

Richard Dennen, Editor

Tatler Magazine

Jo Vickers does not take 'no' for an answer. But she does it in the most charming and glamorous way possible. I always know that her properties are going to be perfect for Tatler.

Klara Glowczewska, Executive Travel Editor

Town and Country US

Jo Vickers and her team have the right clients and they present their stories in the right way—there’s always a hook, a reason for the pitch or the introduction, and, invariably and importantly, an infectious sense of excitement about their client. Moreover they are, shall we say, persistent, in the nicest way possible.

Fiona Golfar, Editor At Large

Vogue UK

Jo Vickers and her team offer the best of the best locations in the world for the most discerning clientle. It is always a pleasure working with her.

Dylan Jones, Editor

British GQ

We at GQ have worked together with Jo Vickers and her great team for 20 years, and they always deliver! I heartily recommend them to anyone working in luxury, travel, or, indeed luxury travel! Personally I love working with Jo, as she always does her best to make things happen. And happen they do. Jo and her team are very GQ!

Farhad Heydari, International Managing Editor

Departures and Centurion Magazines

Standing out with effective representation is becoming increasingly difficult for properties and proprietors. Happily that's exactly what Jo and her team provide -- and do so with aplomb.

Justine Picardie, Contributing Editor

Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country

“ Jo Vickers and her team are consistently brilliant when it comes to delivering the best stories in travel — her knowledge and expertise is remarkable, and I know I can always trust her to put me in touch with the right people and places, wherever I might be traveling in the world. "

What our clients say about us...

Mark Harmon, Founder

Auberge Resorts

I can recommend Jo Vickers and her team at JV Public Relations with the highest marks possible. They have been phenomenal in the coverage they have garnered for Auberge Resorts, and their contacts and expertise are without question the best that I have seen.

Ori Kafri, Founder and Creator

J.K. Place 

Jo Vickers and her team have been instrumental in building the J.K. Place brand and opening J.K. Place Roma and J.K. Place Paris. We really enjoy working with them and I couldn't think of a better agency to represent our brand.

Hervé Pierret, CEO

Air Corsica

We are very happy with the JVPR team. They quickly adapted to our sector (the airline), to our company, and they are promoting and positioning us perfectly with the English media. From the first year of collaboration, the results we achieved in terms of media coverage exceeded our expectations. JVPR demonstrates great professionalism and expertise; their commitment to us is as important as that of our own internal staff. The dynamic team at JVPR are proactive, extremely creativity and are adaptable to our range of different requirements. We highly recommend this agency, they are superb.

Kittisak Pattamasaevi, Owner, Trisara

The team at JVPR masterfully craft and share authentic brand stories, which resonate powerfully with the UK”S most discerning community of travel writers, editors and industry insiders. JV PR’s creativity, passion, insight, and professionalism have made our partnership a true joy. I cannot thank the team enough for their continuing support for TRISARA.

Richard Bailey,CEO & Chairman

The Brando

Jo Vickers and her team succeed in opening the doors of luxury media editors, thanks to her excellent contacts. Her networking is efficient and highly personal and her innovative thinking delivers outstanding results.

Jason Callender, Managing Director


Due to the fact that we are not a traditional hotel, finding the right fit for our Luxury Resort Community was crucial… and with Jo Vickers and her team we were able to do just that. With her zeal for perfection, and endless energy for making all the right connections, Jo Vickers has been able to assist ALBANY with our public relations needs and to get the word out to those that are most suited to our style of sophisticated yet 'resort casual' elegance. And most of all, she truly practices what she preaches…

Mariella Avino, Owner

Palazzo Avino

Jo Vickers and her team are not just a PR company. They are "The" PR Company. A combination of excellent knowledge, contacts and great professionalism.

Innegrit Volkhardt, Managing Proprietor & Owner

Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich

Jo Vickers and her company JV Public Relations have provided us with the best access to luxury media editors thanks to her excellent contacts. Her networking is efficient, focused, highly personal and individually targeted to suit her clients' needs.