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What People Say About Us

Anchor Editor

A Selection of Editors

Richard Dennen

Editor - Tatler Magazine

“Jo Vickers does not take 'no' for an answer. But she does it in the most charming and glamorous way possible. I always know that her properties are going to be perfect for Tatler."

Albert Read

Managing Director - Conde Nast International

“JV Public Relations work closely with all of the Conde Nast editors and are one of the slickest operators in the business."

Klara Glowczewska

Executive Travel Editor - Town and Country US

“Jo Vickers and her team have the right clients and they present their stories in the right way—there’s always a hook, a reason for the pitch or the introduction, and, invariably and importantly, an infectious sense of excitement about their client. Moreover they are, shall we say, persistent, in the nicest way possible."

Dylan Jones

Former Editor - British GQ

"We at GQ have worked together with Jo Vickers and her great team for 20 years, and they always deliver! I heartily recommend them to anyone working in luxury, travel, or, indeed luxury travel! Personally I love working with Jo, as she always does her best to make things happen. And happen they do. Jo and her team are very GQ!"

Farhad Heydari

Editor - Netjets and UltraTravel

"Standing out with effective representation is becoming increasingly difficult for properties and proprietors. Happily that's exactly what Jo and her team provide - and do so with aplomb."

Laurie Werner

Contributing Editor - Forbes US

"Jo Vickers has great savvy and experience and an elite, sharply curated client list. She and her team at JVPR are a joy to work with because they know exactly what you need and provide it with absolute professionalism and speed."
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